“Fashionably Working From Home: Play Dress Ups"

“Fashionably Working From Home: Play Dress Ups"

Fashionably Working From Home is all about ensuring that during this climate of self isolation our sense of style not only continues but is maximised.

By investing in trans-seasonal separates with a clear focus on comfort, we are making great choices in our wardrobe additions.

Looking fashionable ensures our motivation stays high throughout the day!

These tips are designed to promote your wardrobe creativity and elevate your style:

1. Pair complementary styles 

Select one elegant piece, such as a gorgeous silky camisole or a fine knit and match with a piece designed for ultra comfort like our Glow Cord pants or a relaxed skirt. Looking fashionable ensures our motivation stays high throughout the day.


            Glow Corduroy Pants                     Carlotta Knit Top 
2. Inject a pop of colour.

A hit of colour will undoubtedly brighten our mood as the weather starts to cool. Blue is known to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calm while green can balance the body and calm nervousness.

Misha Cardigan - Salmon                           Bern Beanie Navy
3. Give preference to natural fabrics.

Cotton, linen and wool are the best choices for comfort and warmth. Natural fabrics breathe and have had a resurgence in the last few years as fabrics of choice in promoting sustainability in the fashion industry.

       Bagera Linen Jumpsuit                     Helena Wrap Skirt
4. Layering is key

Autumn and winter are the seasons to fashionably layer. Add a hint of polish to your look with investment staples like cotton or linen shirting paired with a stylish, structured trench.

Safari Trench Coat - Pink Snake        Bianca Knit Top - Blush
5. Accessorise with jewellery. 
Frost yourself with your favourite piece of jewellery to make you feel special. Whether it be a sentimental bracelet, chunky necklace, statement earrings or a quirky piece that ensures you feel vibrant and energised. Adorning yourself with jewellery will evoke a sense of purpose and direction for your day.

Yellow Gold Heart Ball Necklace        Silver Lotus Earrings
6. Infuse with your personality

Whether you’re a classic dresser, a minimalist or a maximalist, at all times and especially now, let your unique personality shine through. It’s guaranteed to brighten your day and those around you!

If you try out these tips, let us know by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook @BlackBoho.

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April 14, 2020

Love the ideas!!
Stay safe black boho team xoxo

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